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Prior to 1997, the only way a court could take a spouses interest in the (ex) partner's pension benefits into account was to make an allowance within any other asset division. As the value of pension benefits can equal the value of the marital home, an accurate assessment of this value is essential in order to ensure a claim is not underestimated.

Windsor Actuarial Consultants are able to provide a full assessment of the relevant benefits, in order to allow an accurate assessment under any of the three options now available – Pension Sharing, Attachment Orders or Offsetting on a fair basis.

We regularly provide expert witness reports and assessments for individuals and the legal profession and we also lecture nationally on the subject

Pension Allocator

A calculator to ensure that the division of an individual pension fund (personal pension, stakeholder, SIPP or SSAS) is done accurately.

Click here - to read how the Pension Allocator can give a fairer division, possibly to your client's significant advantage.

Click here - to load the Pension Allocator, free of charge.

You then need to click on 'Enable Macros' to open the Allocator.

Spouses Maintenance

A maintenance order involves a series of regular payments stretching into the future, and dependent on survival. Windsor Actuarial Consultants are able to calculate a value for these benefits, which can be valuable in negotiations, or obtaining security, for example, for a loan.

Click here for the Maintenance Calculator for estimating the value of Spouses Maintenance.